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Nvidia: No benefit to using AMD’s Mantle

AMD’s Mantle, like the impending DirectX 12 is meant to give game developers lower-level access to hardware, allowing them to extract more performance out of less hardware. AMD’s opened the API up, saying anybody who wants to use it could do so. Nvidia’s been a little quiet about Mantle, never saying whether they’d support it or not. They’ve now broken the silence – saying there’s really no point in supporting Mantle.

Behind on WarCraft lore? Here’s what you need to know

WarCraft has a massive historical line. The lore woven by Blizzard and various different writers stretches well beyond the grasp of the games, and it's very easy to think you know what's what and actually not know a thing. The story has been evolving over the years in World of Warcraft, and if you haven't been keeping up to date,  this is the perfect time to catch up.
You should be watching: DEFIANCE

You should be watching: DEFIANCE

It’s been a while since I was really able to sink my teeth into a science fiction series and with recent trends, I thought I may still have to wait a while. Everyone seems to want boobs, swearing, gratuitous violence and more boobs. Of course there are [continue @ themovies]

No PS4 DLNA until 2015?

The PlayStation 4 is still lagging behind the Xbox One when it comes to rudimentary features that you’d expect to be there. 3D blu-ray support is finally available for both consoles, which is nice for the 7 of you who care – but most of us are waiting for other features. Things like video playback, MP3 support and DLNA networking for streaming our totally legitimate, not-in-any-way-downloaded-from-the-internet home-videos-that-aren’t-TV-shows-and-movies. You might be waiting for a while.

ESPN to expand eSports coverage

ESPN has slowly been building up their eSports coverage. They had a COD tournament with MLG during the X Games in Austin, and they did coverage of Dota's International. Now it seems that they are looking to expand their scope.

Team Aqua and Team Magma mega-evolutions in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

Yo yo yo son! I see you got a Pokémon there that is about to evolve. But would you like to see it mega-evolve? I gots a couple of Pokémon that might interest you then. I has a Mega-Garchomp, a Mega-Scizor, a Mega-Charizard. I even have a Mega-Chansey, which isn’t a regular Chansey that I’ve been inflating with a bicycle pump! What’s that? You want something more Ruby/Sapphire flavoured? I can hook you up.

The Last of Us epilogue revealed at live performance

Remember I told you last week that The Last of Us would be getting a live stage performance? That took place last night at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. Turns out it wasn’t just a re-enactment of key scenes, as the show concluded with a previously unseen epilogue.

Bring on the villains in Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes

You’ve seen a ton of heroes shown off in Disney Infinity so far. Like a soldier whose super power comes from patriotism and super steroids. A scientist with staggering anger management problems who can transform into a green rage monster. A playboy billionaire philanthropist and a secret agent who shoots pointed sticks. It’s nice to be good some days. But it’s even better to be bad.

How much would you pay for the GayStation?

Like most artistic pursuits, gaming seems to have some nice ties to the LGBTQ community. Sometimes things like the lack of non-straight relationship options can flare issues, but for the most part it seems like gamers and "gamers" all get along well. Now, people can use their love of gaming for a good LGBTQ cause.

League of Legends is getting a new champion soon

It's been a while since Riot teased a new champion for their extremely popular MOBA, League of Legends. Before I was bitten by the DOTA bug, I was a massive LoL player, and I remember champion releases being a rather frequent thing. Riot could be getting back into that, with another Teemo-like character.

Xbox August Games With Gold will dishonor you

It’s that time of the month again. No, I’m not talking about crippling debt repayments and around a dozen phone calls a day from institutions offering you credit cards and funeral cover. I’m talking free games man!  Xbox has a couple to give away, and August will offer you everything from down and dirty racing to dishonorable action.